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  • How I Help!

    My mom has always told  me it is good to help the community we live in. Every Thanksgiving mom and grandma would go help at the foodbank to prepare Thankgiving for people who could not afford it. When I got a little older, I asked if I could help. Now every year all three of us go together to help out. 

  • How I Help!

    There is a family that we know who's daddy lost his job. I am friends with the little girl and noticed she was really sad because she saw her daddy sad and having trouble finding work. I told my mom I wanted to do something to help and now every day after school she comes home to our house to do homework and play, so her daddy can look for work and they dont have to hire a babysitter. 

  • How I Help!

    I love animals. All kinds of Animals. My parents said that I can not get pets because my little sister is allergic. I was really sad, but my mom thought of a great idea! She has signed me up to volunteer at the local animal shelter, so I get to play with them. The great part is I am also helping out the shelter give animals food and play with them. I have even gotten some of my friends to come help also.

  • How I Help!

    There is a lady that lives near my house and every Tuesday I see her walking home along with books from the Library. A few weeks ago I asked my mom if I could I started helping her carry her books home, so now every Tuesday I walk her home and help carry books.

  • How I Help!

    My brother is Autistic and sometimes people pick on him for being different. He has great friends and when we are all together we stand up for my brother with his friends to make sure he knows that it is ok. It still hurts his feelings, but it is better when he knows that there are people to stand with and for him.

  • How I Help!

    I was walking down the hallway yesterday and saw my best friend purposely trip the new girl. I couldn't believe it because it was very unlike my him, he's always so nice and funny. Then after school I saw him push the new girl off the monkey bars. I didn't want to stand up to him because, as his best friend, it was my job to support him. Instead of yelling at my best friend and causing drama I just walked over to the girl he pushed, helped her up and smiled at my best friend. He then realized how wrong he was and apologized. I made a difference without causing a problem.

  • How I Help!

    My best friend in the entire world is named Ana. She is so nice, funny and has always been there for me. Today I finally made friends with the popular girl Sarah. She always wears the perfect clothes and her hair always looks perfect. Yesterday when we were in the cafeteria I saw my best friend Ana, who was waiting in line alone so I went over and stood next to her. Sarah came over to us and I was so excited to introduce her to Ana. Then, before I could say anything Sarah purposely spilled her milk all over Ana's new shoes and said "Well its not like those shoes were cute anyway." I couldn't believe what she said and dint know what to do about it either. But instead of just being a by stander and letting the popular girl bully my best friend I spoke up and said "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I was proud of myself because I made a difference.

  • How I Help!

    My friend just got a new pair of glasses and came to school looking down the entire day. I went over to talk to her to tell her that she looked very good in the glasses but she walked away before I could even finish my sentence. I put myself in her shoes and realized that if I had just gotten new glasses I would want people to be supportive. So I thought up an idea. Whenever she went to the bathroom all of my classmates and wrote her a card telling her how amazing she looked. The whole day she couldn't stop smiling and wore her glasses with confidence. I made a difference by making a friend smile.

  • How I Help!

    Stephanie and I have been friends for years, and we arranged a trip to the park but she asked me if she could invite Natalie. I didn't like Natalie, she seemed so mean and rude and no part of me wanted to hang out with her, but I said yes anyways. We were at the park together for a few minutes when I realized Natalie was actually really nice! I decided to give Natalie a chance because I didn't really know her and it wasn't nice to judge her. Natalie, Stephanie and I are really good friends now and support each other and always let people join in on our friendship.

  • How I Help!

    Noah and I have play dates every week, and he came over the day after my birthday and I showed him all of my new toys! I had barbies and toy cars and legos, and he took interest in the toy cars and played with them for a few hours. Later, I found that one of them broke! The wheel was completely detached from the rest of the car! I was so angry at first, but I thought that it'd be better to forgive him and still be friends than to get angry and him and ruin our friendship. So I forgave him, and his mom even bought me a whole new package of toy cars for being so kind about it.

  • How I Help!
    Ashley is one of the coolest people I have ever met but lately she has been hanging out with the bad crowd that don't do very nice things. I just want to remove myself from the situation completely because I'm scared that I will be influenced by that crowd. I'm nervous, but I know that I should at least tell Ashley that I think it's wrong.
    I saw her earlier today at the park and told her what I thought and to my suprise she understood completely and told me that she wasn't planning on hanging out with them again. I didn't over react and now I have a new best friend.

  • How I Help!

    Jenna is new in town and doesn't really understand whats cool and whats not. She is always talking about her life before she moved here and it seems like she doesn't even want to try to make friends. I want to make her feel welcomed here and let her know that we are all here to support her. My friends and I all invited her to meet us at the local diner for breakfast  and then we all went to my house and watched our favorite movie. Jenna said that by the end of the day she felt like she made a bunch of new friends, felt at home and was even happy that she moved. 

  • How I Help!

    I know a girl in my class who is always frowning and never seems to smile. I wandered why for a very long time and never asked because I thought it was none of my business. But then one day she started crying in the hall and I wanted to help. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her dog went to heaven a couple weeks ago and that she misses him. I felt so bad and now understand her sadness. She was so thankful that I comforted her because she said it seemed like no one else cared. I made a difference by being compassionate. 

  • How I Help!

    George is the tallest guy in our grade and he gets called mean names like giraffe and skyscraper. Yesterday a boy was making fun of him and I think that's wrong because he cant help something he was born with. He has been bullied about it for a while and as time goes on he gets more sad, and I decided that it needed to be stopped. Now, every time he gets called a mean name I defend him and then when people realize how wrong and not funny it is, the join in defending him as well. It feels good to stand up for a friend. 

  • How I Help!

    I was at the park the other day playing with my dog and a friend of mine started talking about my friend behind her back to me. The gossiper was very popular and everyone at school liked her so I didn't really know how to stand up to her. She said "Gosh Amy is so annoying wioth her short hair and ugly clothes." I knew that it wasn't nice or true for that matter but in the moment I agreed out of fear from being rejected by the popular one. I felt awful about it and then later that day she came up to mean and talked bad about Amy again. This time I knew I could correct mistake so I said "Amy is really nice and pretty, you shouldn't talk bad a about her again and I should've never agreed with you earlier." The popular girl never talked bad about Amy again and I was proud that I stood up to the popular girl.

  • How I Help!

    I have a friend who is so cool and so funny but she isn't very polite to adults. I don't think she realizes her rudeness but I don't really want to be associated with someone who is disrespectful. She is also a very defensive person so one thing you say can upset her for a whole week. For a while I didn't know what to do, but one day when she told my mom she didn't like her cooking I finally spoke up and said "Can you please talk to my mom a little bit nicer?" After that day she was a million times more respectful and even wrote my mom an apology letter.

  • Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

    Good Morning!

    Have you guys had a chance to get to know our charity partners?  This week, I would love to introduce you them!  Monkeez Makes a Difference has partnered with three AMAZING organizations!

    The first organization we would like to introduce you to is Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.  ALSF is an organization that pretty much sums up our mission through Monkeez Makes a Difference.  Alexandra Scott was diagnosed with cancer as  a very young child.  When she was four years old, Alex asked her parents if she could have a lemonade stand to raise money for kids like her with cancer.  Alex could have kept all of the money herself....or at least sent the money for research on her specific type of cancer; but, that is not what she asked her parents to do.  Instead, she tol her parents that every child deserves a chance for a cure.

    Alex lost her battle with cancer when she was only 8 years old.  Her family, however, continued the organization in her memory.  To date, Alex's Lemonade Stand has raised more than $55,000.000.00 for cancer research.  Now that is one little girl who made a GREAT BIG DIFFERENCE!

    Thanks Alex, for teaching us all that children can make a difference!  

    Please see the video from ALSF in the tool bar below.  Click on the word charities.

    Keep Making a Difference!

  • New Year Challenge

    Oh boy…it’s probably about time for everyone to get back into the routine of school.  Aren’t breaks always great?!
    At Monkeez Makes a Difference, we would like to start off the new year with a challenge.  Check out the link on our site called “Keez.”  This is an area that we will focus on throughout our challenge.  Once you visit that part of our site, click on the word honesty.  What is the definition of honesty?  Talk to your parents about this character trait.
    We would love to hear if you have a story about a day that it was hard to tell the truth!

  • Hey Kids!

    I hope you are doing great!  Most of you reading this are probably on Christmas Vacation from school!
    At Monkeez Makes a Difference, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Don’t forget to set aside time to do something kind for someone else!
    Many Blessings!

  • Be Healthy!

    OK… can we talk for just a second about the importance of washing your hands. I used to teach school, and I would tell my students… "go to the bathroom and wash your hands" right before lunch. Would you believe that some of those kiddos would walk into the bathroom, simply run their hands under the faucet, and walk right back out? Oh my goodness… I would have to send them right back!

    OK… this may seem simple, but kiddos, I have to tell you how to wash your hands properly. I promise…. clean hands will help fight icky wintertime viruses…and it is so simple!

    • Put SOAP, yes don't skip this step, SOAP on your hands.
    • Turn on the water. Seems easy enough!
    • Sing "Happy Birthday" and not the speedy version, the REAL one.
    • Rinse off your hands one last time….

    I know you are super smart… so this won't be a problem AT ALL! Make a difference this winter bykeeping the germs away! It will ABSOLUTELY make a difference in the way that you feel!

    Do you have any funny stories to share today? We need a good laugh! Have a wonderful day!

  • Believe in Yourself!

    Something that makes me bananas, is when children don't realize the impact that they can have! Sometimes I hear kids say, "I am just a child…I can't make a difference." OH MY GOODNESS… that is just not the truth at all!

    In fact, there are kids that make a TREMENDOUS impact every day. For example, one of the charities that we work with is called Alex's Lemonade Stand foundation. One day, a little girl named Alexandra Scott wanted to make sure that other kids did not have to experience cancer like she did. So, Alex held a lemonade stand to raise money for cancer research. After that, she challenged other children to hold lemonade stands and give money for cancer research. Today, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation has raised more than $50,000,000.00 for cancer research!
    Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you can make a difference? Let us know what you think!

  • Excellence

    If you have been reading along with us the last few days, you will see that we don't scurry around with easy topics…no, that is not our mission at all! Instead, at Monkeez Makes a Difference we believe that children have so much potential to really impact our culture! Keep up the good work kiddos!
    Today, I just want to talk to you for a second about the word excellence. We have all heard the word 'excellence'… but how can we be 'excellent' every day? You know it is really simple, to be excellent, you just have to give your day your very best! My boys laugh because sometimes I say…ok boys, I am expecting your personal best! That doesn't mean that it is important to "be the best" rather, it means that it is important to "try your best."

    So today, we challenge you to Be Excellent! Try your hardest in everything that you can do. Let us know how that plan works for you!

  • Stand Out by Standing Up for Your Friends

    Do you know the definition of courageous? Honestly, I had never looked up that word before but the definition states being courageous means that you have the ability to face situations without fear! Wow! Ask yourself… are you able to face situations without being afraid?
    Being courageous is a great big challenge! However, one of the most courageous things that you can do is stand up for your friends. Very often, I realize that it must be pretty tough being a kid these days. However, I have been hearing stories about some pretty amazing kiddos who make a difference by standing up for their friends when others may no be as kind.
    Let us know your story! Have you ever had to stand up for a friend! If so, way to be COURAGEOUS! We are super proud of you!

  • Be Remarkable!

    My boys roll their eyes everyday when I say, "OK Boys… you only get one chance to do today….so BE REMARKABLE!" Then, I make those wild guys repeat what I said…."BE REMARKABLE!"

    Do you ever think about it? Yes, you all might be young but every day passes by and you have the opportunity to make a difference. So, today, I want to challenge you to 'Be Remarkable' right where you are. Maybe you help a friend who is having a tough day, maybe you pick up your clothes and toys off of the floor, or maybe you visit with an older person. Who knows? The sky is the limit… and you are REMARKABLE!

    Let us know how you decided to be remarkable today! Can't wait to hear your stories!

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Monkeez Makes a Difference would like to introduce you to Natalie Wilson! Natalie knows it is important to stand up for your friends. Natalie makes a difference because she knows how to be a friend. Natalie also knows that there is NO ROOM for bullies in today’s schools.